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Remodeling? Don’t Forget Your HVAC System

Remodeling is a dream of many homeowners.  Perhaps you are adding new space for a recent arrival or updating your kitchen.  But with so much going on around you, have you thought about how remodeling can affect your HVAC system?

Take Steps To Protect Your HVAC System

Adding space, updating, and even just changing out the flooring kicks up a lot of dirt and dust, and all of that debris fills the air inside your home.  Your HVAC system draws the air in, channels it to the HVAC equipment, and then distributes the heated or cooled air back into your home.  Even with the best filters, the abundance of airborne pollutants can clog up the system.


Architectural part of the process is to ensure that whether construction or renovating, all structural integrity is still there. Because, This comes in plan especially when walls are being take down for home expansions.

We Provide Quotes for your Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement, Deck & Porches, Flooring, Roofing, Siding, Home Additions and any other area of your home.

Many expect right out of the box prices for projects of certain sizes, but unfortunately (or fortunately) we must make custom pricing for each customer.

Bottom line is, we are the most committed remodeling contractors in Washington DC, Alexandria & Arlington no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Since we also provide room addition services, feel free to ask us about remodeling vs building and we’d be happy to go over pros and cons with you, since our company does both.




Upgrading Your HVAC System

If you are expanding the square footage of your home or reconfiguring the room designs, such as when you remove or add walls, your HVAC system may need to be upgraded.  The capacity of your current HVAC system was likely based upon the current square footage.  Also, thermostats and vents are positioned to optimize the efficiency of the system.  When you make changes to the interior layout of your home, you may need a higher-capacity system or have thermostats and vents relocated.  These are costs that you will want to include in your remodeling budget, so you should have one of our technicians evaluate your current system configuration well before the onset of your remodeling project.  We help you find the most budget-friendly options that will efficiently heat and cool your updated home.  If you have an older system, you may even save money on utility costs.

DC Home Remodeling is a full-service HVAC company that is available to help make your home remodeling an exciting and stress-free experience. Contact us anytime should you have questions about your heating and air conditioning system.

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